Tuesday 25 November 2014

Review: Prodigy by Marie Lu


Book 2 of The Legend Trilogy
Written by Marie Lu
Pages: 371
Published: January 29th, 2013
Format Read: Ebook


Injured and on the run, it has been seven days since June and Day barely escaped Los Angeles and the Republic with their lives. Day is believed dead having lost his own brother to an execution squad who thought they were assassinating him. June is now the Republic's most wanted traitor. Desperate for help, they turn to the Patriots - a vigilante rebel group sworn to bring down the Republic. But can they trust them or have they unwittingly become pawns in the most terrifying of political games?


As book two of the Legend trilogy I think I liked it better than the first. Prodigy explained things tonnes more and fixed allot of questions and misconceptions about the world that they live in that I had. I also liked the characters a bit more we learnt more about them and where they come from, it gave them more depth and reasons behind what they do.

Absolutely loved the climax of this book it was just so bad ass and awesome I mean fighter jet, that's all I will say at risk of spoilers but yes I now want to read some more books with dogfights(as in fighter planes not real dogs because that's not okay) because hells it was just so awesome and terrifying to read about. Something else I enjoyed about the climax was it wasn't what I expected it to be, I expected it to be what the whole book is revolved around but instead it was the after math of the event which was awesome and unexpected so brownie points for that Marie Lu. The above made the ending really good but the very last thing to happen in the book is quite sad so prepare your self for that one.

If you enjoyed Legend you will love prodigy, I wish I had of picked it up sooner but oh well I cant wait to read the third and final book Champion to see how things end. Diffidently pick us this if you have read Legend or are a lover of dystopians.

4.5 out of 5 Stars

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