Wednesday 19 November 2014

Rambles: My reading story

A few years ago I used to be a very avid reader, if fact more so then I am now. I'm not sure exactly what year this was but after a while I just suddenly stopped reading I have no clue what triggered this but all I know was I hated it and it took me a very long time to get back into books and the beauty or reading and getting lost in a book. April this year was when I re decrovered reading.

It started off with a trip to the library with a friend who was a reader and of course my jealousy of her being able to do that got me to pick out a few books and try again, and I have never been so grateful of jealous steak before (probably never will be again its a demon and a half). One of the books I picked up was Acid by Emma Pass, I loved it and I have that book to thank for opening its arms and welcoming me back in to the reading world because god I missed it. I never really relised the extent of my unhappiness of not reading until the moment I was lost in Acid (that sounds strange). I feel like a gap in my life has been filled up now I am reading again and I feel more whole. I don't remember what other books I picked up on that library trip but i'm pretty sure I didn't read them because I moved on to other books and I started reading on my laptop and phone. Now I love real books and how the feel and look and smell but god dam they are awkward and heavy like I love them but hell my back cant handle that. which is one of the reasons I now own a Kobo and don't read all that many "real" books.

The next part of this story goes to goodreads. Goodreads is how I have been keeping up the habit I get such joy out of adding a book to my yearly challenge and finding all sorts of new and old books I want to read. Also making friends on there has helped me keep up the habit and staying whole and happy, oh and the groups with the readathons and the challenges all that has made reading a whole new experiance because I no longer just sit and read a book but I also talk to people about it join challenges watch booktube. its a great new reading world for me and god I love it and it makes me happy.

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