Sunday 16 November 2014

Rambles: Dystopian Genre

I truly find it amazing just how much Dystopian there is in the YA genre. When i'm at my public library I swear every second or third book I pick up is a Dystopian. Now I didn't notice this when I used to read a couple of years ago so i'm assuming that the Dystopian phase bloomed while I was a my few years reading hiatus (crys) or maybe I just didn't know enough about books then to know what was Dystopian and what wasn't. I read alot of paranormal stuff back then like ALOT so maybe I just didn't notice all the Dystopian.

I think one of the first Dystopians I ever read was Uglies by Scott westerfieild and I remember loving it so I moved on to The Matched trilogy by Ally Condie (which is also awesome) I have still yet to finish these series a few years later... I need to re read and finish them at some point. Bottom line is I love Dystopian books, they are just so interesting and I love all the different takes on the world ending that people have done. but I do have to admit I do get sick of every second book I pick up being a Dystopian as these days my reading horizons are way larger than what they used to be. It also buggs me a little bit how often you will one thing in a Dystopian novel them 3 Dsytopians later you will see the same thing, I feel like a lot of the Dystopian author almost copy each other.

I wonder when this phase is going to fade out and whats going to be next? what are we going to be picking up every second book we look at? or even will the Dystopian genre fade out? or will it stay with us for ever!!(evil laughs).

And yes I know this is a very talked about and complained about topic but I just wanted to share my thoughts and wonders about the genre. Now lets count how many times I typed the word Dystopian, 13 times, hey not as much as I thought.

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