Friday 14 November 2014

Movie Review: Hugo, The Invention of Hugo Cabret Adaptation

Play Time: 128 mins
Released:November 23, 2011


Hugo is the first book to movie adaptation I have seen that I cant decide what was better, the book or the movie? I loved how the movie looked. it was realistic but fantasy at the same time. everything seemed so sparkly and glossy. I don't know why but that's just the feeling I got from the images even though it is set in a dirty train station.

I really liked the actors that they chose to play the mains I think the suited the book really well and I loved Hugo's eyes you just couldn't help stare into them. I think my favorite character in the movie was the station guard or what ever he is called and yes I know he is an ass but I just loved how they portrayed him with his leg and his dog. I love the scene where him and his dog are in the bath together and I adored how awkward he was with the flower lady.

I think the movie was a good take on the book, they didn't appear to change much and they didn't miss out any major scenes from the book. I think I learnt more about the history of George's films and film making from the movie. I think this was because I got to see it all rather than paint pictures in my head. I did find my self losing interest around the middle of the movie which sucked a little bit. Overall tho it was a great adaptation and if you enjoyed the book I would recommend this too you.

*4 out of 5 stars*

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