Wednesday 1 October 2014

Self Inflicted Reading Pressures

Lately I have felt my self pressuring my self to read I feel like I am just trying to read as much as I possibly can at the moment and i'm not sure I like that. I mean I love reading tonnes of different books but I start to put my self down when i'm taking to long and I feel like I don't fully enjoy the book that i'm reading when i'm like this. I have also gotten my self in to a bit of a series hole, I am currently reading a total of 23 and that's not including the comics i'm reading. I find this really stressful because although I want to read and finish all those series I just look at my list and see a very scary objective. There is something like 75 books that need to be read in order to finish all of those series. I feel as though I cant start anything else with out getting though a few of those series. I know the sooner I finish some series the better I will feel but at the moment I really feel like reading some more of Brandon Sanderson's spectacular works which makes me feel guilty because of my huge series TBR already. There are also some series in there that I only kinda wanna continue with. like I really want to know what happens but I don't want to read the books. I just can't get my self to DNF these series. I just wish I hadn't started so many series with out finishing others I would be mush more inclined to read than what I am at the moment.

I'm just unsure weather to force my self to pick up books from my series TBR and most likely enjoy them, or pick up books I really feel like reading and know I will enjoy. I need to find away to stop pressuring my self about my reading so much because I know it will make me happier when I don't feel so pressured.

*Rant over*

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