Wednesday 8 October 2014

Mini Review: Gathering Blue


Gathering Blue
Written by Lois Lowry
Pages: 240
Published by Ember, Januray 1th 2000
format read: Ebook

I loved Gathering Blue, even more the The Giver. I think it was the fact it was set in the past rather than the future and that the main was a female rather than a male. I am female therefore I find my self connecting to Female characters more than male. Don't get me wrong I still love a lot of books with male mains but I would rather read a book with a female main. I loved the arty side to Gathering blue it really appealed to my creative side. It was interesting reading how they made something like dye without the technology we have today. Over all I would                                                        highly recommend this book if you have read the giver,                                                        you are an enjoyed of "back in the day" books or                                                                  dystopians.
                                                   5 out of 5 stars

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