Friday 10 October 2014

Month of First's

So unconsciously I have made the month of October the month of first's. I am currently reading my first dragon book, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. After I have finished Seraphina I intend on reading my first proper horror, my first Stephen King and my first non middle grade Neil Gaiman. I have decided that dragon books are all they are hyped up to be and that I wish I hadn't of put off reading a dragon book for so long. I am very excited about my first horror and Stephen king, I constantly hear such great things about Stephen king so I look forward to being able to contribute my opinions as well. The book I am going to pick up is Carrie, I decided on Carrie because its shorter than alot of his other books and I loved the cover. As for the non middle grade Neil Gaiman I am going to pick up stardust and the ocean at the end of the lane, I am also really excited to pick these two up. So yea the month of first's! I am happy I have accidentally done this.

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