Sunday 12 October 2014

Movie Review: Carrie 2013 Adaptation

Run Time:100 Minutes
Released: October 7, 2013


I feel this 2013 adaptation of Carrie by Stephen King was good. It wasn't great but it was good and I really enjoyed it. I really like how the put a modern twist to it making it more watchable to our generation. The movie also got most of the bigger scenes pretty spot on with minor changed so I liked that. I also loved all of the direct quotes I spotted.

The changed a few minor detailed like scissors instead a butchers knife at Carrie's birth, Pink rather than red dress and 7 and 10:30 Pick up and curfew rather than 7:20 and 1. For some reason these things just bothered me a little. I also wish they hadn't off missed out a lot of the little things. I would have liked to see the scene when Carrie was three and Margret went nuts. I also would of liked to see cut ins of the bits of writing from Sue's book and news articles in the movie. As I said in my Carrie book review I feel these future writings gave a real sense of anticipation of what was to come and I didn't get that in the movie.

That sounds like a lot of complaints but overall I loved it. The book is definitely better and I feel to get the whole movie you need to have all the knowledge that the book gives you. But I would definitely recommend this film.

3.5 Out of 5

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