Monday 22 September 2014

The Bookish Habits Tag

The Questions

1. When do you like to read?

  • Morning
  • Mid morning
  • Mid day
  • Afternoon
  • Late afternoon
  • Night, this would be my favorite time.
2. Where do you like to read?

  • My favorite spot on the couch
  • My room, Bed or floor
  • That one tree at the "beach" in town
3. Do you need glasses to read?

  • Not currently
4. How do you keep your place in a book?

  • An old unfinished friendship bracelet
  • In emergency a scrap of paper
5. Is there a book you've read over and over? Are you a re-reader?

  • I have read the fallen and hush hush series over and over again as they where my favorite books a few years ago.
  • Yes I consider myself a re-reader
6. Do you write in your books?

  • Heavens no
7. Do you take notes as you read or do you take notes after?

  • If i'm planning on writing a review on the book I will write down some notes after I have finished.
  • otherwise no
8. Do you multi-task?

  • When i'm using my bookseat yes
9. Do you need to be in a reading mood?

  • Yes, but most of the time I will be in one of I force my self to read a few pages anyway
10. Weird habits?

  • I often will flip to the last pages and read a few sentences before I finish.
  • I will "Watch" my book shelves to make my self feel better.
  • Even if i'm not reading I will often just touch the book near me while i'm doing other things.
  • I'm a book smeller, I will also compare books smells when i'm board.

Created by - Mehek Naresh

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