Saturday 16 August 2014

August #ayearathon

The August #ayearathon was the first time I participated. It was allot of fun, there is a great community on there goodreads page and I got allot of books read that I probably wouldn't of read without this months theme, which was Middle Grade.

Daily Pages
Day 1 Pages Read: 209
Day 2 Pages Read: 516
Day 3 Pages Read: 139
Day 4 Pages Read: 103
Day 5 Pages Read: 373
Day 6 Pages Read: 902
Day 7 Pages Read: 900 
Week's total pages: 3275
Books completed: 11

Books Finished
            The Graveyard Book Doll Bones Coraline The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1) The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2) The Invention of Hugo Cabret The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #1) The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events, #2) Amulet, Vol. 1: The Stonekeeper (Amulet, #1) Amulet, Vol. 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse (Amulet, #2) Amulet, Vol. 3: The Cloud Searchers (Amulet, #3)

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